A gigantic lake located near the lost city of Carcosa. It is the secret resting place of Hastur, though you will never find him if you set out to look for him. The water of the lake is yellowish and foul-tasting; visitors should avoid drinking it at all times. Fish and other creatures are sometimes glimpsed in the waters, but the few that have been caught have not been eaten. It is said that it is impossible to walk around the lake -- no matter how far and how long you travel, you always find yourself just outside of Carcosa.

Sometimes the lake changes from liquid to gas, allowing ships and swimmers to travel into the cloudlike depths. If one dives far enough, the ruins of a great city can be seen far below. Eventually, you find yourself coming to rest back in Carcosa. In the distance, you can see yourself starting to dive into the Lake of Hali...

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