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Larry the Sprout is (at the time of writing) a minor character in Robert Rankin's novel The Witches of Chiswick.

Notable for being the incompetent twin brother of Barry the Sprout, Larry was believed to have been killed during the Great Fire of London, an event engineered by him in an attempt to bring an end to the Bubonic Plague.

Larry's lack of foresight leads to his host's megalomaniacal quest to become the first king of Earth, and the creation of an organic spaceship-cum-circus of the bizzare, which is a major plot device I probably shouldn't have mentioned.

Larry's future is uncertain, however, as the novel ends in a fairly untidy manner. This doesn't necessarily mean we won't see more of him, as this sort of skewed finale doesn't often have any great affect upon other recurring characters in Rankin's novels.

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