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Lexis-Nexis offers a number of services that are available either on a pay-per-article basis, or on a subscription basis. Subscription access is geared more toward institutional customers, as access is expensive. The Lexis-Nexis news database can be searched by subject or article title. Legal Cases can be searched by citation or by the parties involved. Information on any public or private company in the United States can be found. Some international companies are also included. All searches may be limited by date if only recent results are desired. One cumbersome nuance is the lack of boolean or wildcard searching.

I am fortunate enough to have access through the fine institution known as Ohio University.

Lexis-Nexis's services include:
Academic: providing a comprehensive collection of full-text databases covering: news, business, legal research, medicine, and reference.
Congressional: comprehensive resource for congressional hearings, public issues, history, and legal research.
Environmental: world-wide envoronmental data.
Statistical: statistical information provided by federal agencies, states, and governmental organizations.

In brief, Lexis-Nexis is a gigantic vault of information. It is a indispensable resource for any student doing research. Check out that silly building known as the library to see if you can use it!

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