I met her at The Coral Dome. The place was rocking. She's a pretty squid. She changed colors when she saw me. I figured we were swimming in the same ocean.

"I'd like to be under the sea,
In an octopus' garden with you."

We made a date, and ate at the Sand Bar. Later, I showed her my octopus garden. We got all tentacle-y. She took me to her lagoon, behind the Backbarrier Flats. I observed her ecological niche, We had a great fish school love. I gave her a pearl-encrusted watch. It was a nice oyster watch. We visited The Seaweed. I didn't care for their food. We met again at The Flood Tide, and later at The Estuary by The Headland. She smelled like the ocean. I was a sucker for her.

But, she was just using me for my suckers. I told her what I felt at Ebb Tide at The Downdrift. She wasn't wearing the pearl oyster watch; She said she'd lost it.

The next time I saw her was in the Surf Zone at Flood Tide. She had started fooling around with the other squids. Life was a beach. I got squid-eye. I told her about it at The Jetty at Low Tide. She tossed her head and said, "What? I'm not the one with the crabs." We were past mean sea level.

That's why I got my eelskins pressed, and now I'm visiting The Littoral Zone.

I'm not blubbering anymore. There are plenty of squid in the sea.

LoveQuest 2011: Chocolates, Sonnets, and Alcohol

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