Lips is a bimonthly men's magazine. As you might expect from the name, it's dedicated to close-up shots of women's nether regions. That's it. It's just page after page of assortments of crotch shots, most of which seem to have been culled from ten-year-old photo shoots. They're organized (barely) into sections based on hair color ("Blondes," "Brunettes") ethnicity ("Latinas," "Black") and...features of aforementioned genitalia ("Shaved," "Hairy," and (God save us) "Unusual".) You don't usually get to see the woman's face (and when you do, you usually wish you hadn't). The whole thing is about on the level of a cumshot video and offers all the erotic appeal of a gynecology textbook. Aside from a few crude anatomy lessons, there's not much of interest here.

  • Pictorials: n/a--the magazine isn't organized into pictorials
  • Girls: wide variety from quasi-young to vile
  • Penetration: none
  • Lesbian: rare and very softcore
  • Guy/Girl: no
  • Group: no
  • Fetish: shaving, hirsutism
  • Stories/Articles: none
know_no_bounds's rating: *

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