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One of the Cool Little game/playthings that kids have grown up with, and still do. Made by Kenner, now part of Hasbro, this toy was simple. A light inside a box, with a sheet of black paper that would be pierced by multi-color plastic pins, to form nicely lit designs..

Kids will love creating beautiful lighted pictures that explode with color! Just place a color-coded picture sheet over the screen and push the pegs into the appropriate holes. When all the holes are filled, plug the set in and watch your design come to life! Set comes with 16 picture sheets -- a wide variety of refill sheets are also available. Light bulb not included.

Lite Brites were incredibly popular in the late eighties and early nineties, as parents were buying them during the holidays for their children. However, Kenner issued a warning during several holiday seasons, as several families were not supervising their offspring playing with the toy. Often times, young children would get ahold of the colored pegs included, and start eating them, leading to several attempted lawsuits. Kenner solved this problem temporarily by packaging the pegs in a resealable plastic bag, and putting a recommended age on the box.

Nothing like changing your child's diaper and finding colorful plastic designs inside.

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