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Too much gets taken for granted any more. This is easily understandable in this fast-paced world where too few of us remember to appreciate life's simpler joys. Years ago I was introduced to writing out periodic gratitude lists during tough times. However, one need not be faced with adversity to identify sources of basic personal pleasure and/or security.

Here are some things that make me smile:
  • The laughter of children
  • Sharing good coffee and conversation with friends
  • Doing favorite crafts like beading, macrame or crocheting
  • GIF hunting
  • Hiding "I love you" notes for my mate to find
  • Finding "I love you" notes from my mate
  • Getting an unexpected email or phone call from an old friend
  • Courteous fellow drivers
  • The smell of fresh, clean bedsheets
  • Chocolate

Quick list addition: An instantaneous C! on a fresh writeup!
Thanks, Girlface! ;oD

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