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Is one of the most famous commercially available bootlegs. It is from one of Bob Dylan's concerts from 1966 in Europe (actually it is not from the Royal Albert Hall, London, but from the Free Trade Hall,Manchester. As it was firstly available as a normal bootleg, it was mislabeled to make it more interesting). The important thing about it is, that this is the first tour when Dylan played electric.

Why he did so is not really known, but it is often assumed it had something to with the near-death experience of his motorcycle crash, making it obvious to him that folk was dead.

The first 7 songs of this concert were acoustic, but not what the fans expected from him. No protest songs, only personal songs. Then he came back with a band (The Band) and played the last 8 song electric. Between the songs you can often hear people trying to "clap him away." And before the last song, someone from the audience screamed "Judas" followed by big agreement from the rest of the audience. Dylan answers: "I don't believe you. You are a liar," and plays the fucking best version of Like A Rolling Stone ever. I personally think this is the most important moment of Rock and Roll.

Bob Dylan Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert (The Bootleg Series Vol 4.)

Disc 1

Disc 2

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