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Live in Texas is Linkin Park's answer to the demand of DVD music videos. It is a hardout live performance in Dallas, Texas. It is comprised of two live performances in Dallas - the band has collated the two shows into one continuous live DVD/CD blend.

Director: Kimo Proudfoot

Producer: Matt Caltabiano

Director of Photography: Jim Hawkinson

Edited by: Kevin Kevin McCullough

The DVD track listing is as follows.

1.          Don't stay
2.          Somwhere I belong
3.          Lying from you
4.          Papercut
5.          Points of authority
6.          Runaway
7.          Faint
8.          From the inside
9.          Figure.09
10.        With you
11.        By myself
12.        P5HNG ME A*WY
13.        Numb
14.        Crawling
15.        In the end
16.        A place for my head
17.        One step closer

Tracks to look our for:

This track is number one on the Hybrid Theory album. The guys are really warmed up by this stage of the DVD and think it high time to get the active Dallas crowd involved. This song surely goes off on this album. I'm going to award this song with a huge 9/10 because a) Hybrid Theory is so good overall and b) it's one of the only songs that gets me singing in front of people.

Hit single from the album Meteora, Faint is the song that really gets everyone singing in Dallas. It is a song where the words are easy to learn and the rock just picks you up and takes you on a ride. 81/2/10 for this puppy.

From the inside
This is one of my favourite songs, the mellowness at the beginning and some deep lyrics that you can really latch on to. 8/10 for this baby.

What can be said about perfection? This little number is one of the deepest and most rockable songs I have ever heard. Everytime I hear it played I just get tingles down my spine. Easily Linkin Park's most successful and popular song. If you have Kazaa, XoloX, BearShare, Gnapster or any FTP programs, search, search and search until you find this song. Download it. Play it. Rock on. 10/10.

The CD of Live in Texas has only 12 tracks and does not include Don't stay, Figure0.9, With you, By myself or A place for my head. Because this CD contains only the best songs Linkin Park has ever played live it has earned a place in my favourite CD collection. Congratulations, Linkin Park.

Live in Texas CD

Produced and mixed by Josh Abraham.

Engineered by Ryan Williams.

Protools Engineer: Brandon Belsky.

1.          Somwhere I belong
2.          Lying from you
3.          Papercut
4.          Points of authority
5.          Runaway
6.          Faint
7.          From the inside
8.          P5HNG ME A*WY
9.          Numb
10.        Crawling
11.        In the end
12.        One step closer

The Linkin Park - Live in Texas CD was mixed at:
Pulse Recordings
Los Angeles

Again, the tracks to look out for were: Papercut, Faint, From the inside and Numb. Go and spend $15 or $20 on this DVD/CD album, support the band and remember, Burn, and get burnt.

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