"Lucky Captain Rabbit King nuggets!
Full of nourishing corn crisp castles and ships and delicious tuna and ruby marshmallow bits!
For the Irish seafaring nobleman in you!

Lucky Captain Rabbit King nuggets are for the youth!

Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are the favourite breakfast cereal of the Powerpuff Girls. The cartoon mascot, Lucky Captain Rabbit King, is the equivalent of the annoying brown Nesquik rabbit, except that this rabbit is, of course, an Irish seafaring noble. Lucky Captain Rabbit King desires only to have a single, elusive bowl of his very own Lucky Captain Rabbit King nuggets. However, as we all know, Lucky Captain Rabbit King nuggets are for the Youth! As is in accordance with the prophecy, this results in hilarious gags and capers as Lucky Captain Rabbit King miserably fails to trick small children into giving him... cereal.

"Ridiculous, Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King nuggets are for the youth!"

The name of this peculiar cereal (and its mascot, both introduced in the Powerpuff Girls episode "Jewel of the Aisle"), is actually derived from four different cereal mascots:

Lucky the Leprechaun- Lucky Charms
Cap'n Crunch- Cap'n Crunch, of course
The Trix Rabbit- Trix
King Vitaman- From the obscure King Vitaman cereal

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