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I like salt on my food. Lots of it. All the time. In fact, I’ll probably have the furred up arteries of a ninety-year-old smoker in about five years at this rate. I’m constantly advised by my boyfriend dill that I’m headed for an early heart attack. I’d just about accepted that I was merely a sodium-craving freak when I realised that there’s actually a damn good reason for it. For the past umpteen generations my family have been sailors!

It occurred to me that the fact that my ancestors have spent a large proportion of their time in the salt-rich atmosphere of the ocean depths. We’ve married into other seagoing families, had seafaring children, lived 200m from the sea and generally enjoyed a marine lifestyle And a prerequisite for surviving life at sea would logically appear to be a high tolerance for salt, spending eight months at sea then coming home to an environment with much lower levels of salt would leave the body confused. Like an alcoholic who needs more scrummy peach Schnapps* for the same effect my family now needs more salt at home to achieve the same levels as at sea. I realise my own family isn’t exactly an objective study but it seems an obvious conclusion to draw, input from seafaring everythingians more than welcome :)

* My drug du jour

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