A new rapper from Atlanta. Real name: Chris Bridges.

So far, he's had 3 hits: What's Your Fantasy, Southern Hospitality, and Area Codes. What's Your Fantasy is from his first album "Incognegro". The rest are from his second album "Back for the first time," except for Area Codes, from the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack. He's also in one or 2 Missy Elliot videos, and released a 2001 album called Word of Mouf that so far has had a lukewarm hit Roll Out.

His album was released independently, but Def Jam picked it up and is hyping it. He's not a bad rapper, and you almost always see him with either corn rows or a huge afro. I don't know how easy it is to alternate.

He was born while both of his parents were in college, and grew up listening to old-school. When he was 12 he joined a hip-hop group from Chicago called the "Loudmouth Hooligans". He often got into verbal rap fights in the school cafeteria. From there he got to work on Hot 97.5 Atlanta during the night show. He was their most noted DJ, and keeps his rhymes tight.

The nickname is something I made up. I have kind of a split personality- part of me is calm cool and collected, while the other side is just beyond crazy. My lyrics are ludicrous, my live shows are ludicrous- ludicrous like off the chain crazy.

Quote and some facts taken from Defjam.com

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