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The Luftwaffe Roll of Honor Clasp is the same type of award as it's Heer and Kriegsmarine counterparts in the Wehrmacht. It was an outward sign that the wearer had been entered into the 'Luftwaffe Roll of Honor'. Göring, being infatuated with medals and regalia, and not wanting to be outdone, belatedly instituted a Honor Roll clasp for the Luftwaffe in 1944. The first recorded instance of it being awarded was September 5, 1944. The badge was also similar in appearance, qualifications, and wear as the other badges - providing a sense of uniformity with the other services.

Technical Aspects
The badge was, like the other two models, a gilt metal wreath of oak leaves wich had a rough appearance taking the outline of the oak leaves themselves. There are six bunches of three leaves on each side, meeting tip-to-tip at the apex. At the base of the wreath are two small acorns facing upwards. The wreath measures 24.5mm across and the width of the oak leaves is 3.5mm.   In the center of the wreath is a flying eagle clutching a swastika in it's talons. The reverse is the negative of the obverse, and has four lugs to attach it to a strip of Iron Cross Second Class ribbon.

Wear & Qualifications
The clasp was worn attached to the Iron Cross Second Class ribbon, looped through the second button hole on the tunic, as prescribed. If the awardee had already earned the 1939 Clasp to the Iron Cross Second Class, it was removed and the Roll of Honor clasp worn instead.

The badge, like the others, had no specific criteria for awarding. However, all those who had received the Luftwaffe Honor Goblet, or the Salver of Honor, as well as those who received the picture of the Reichsmarschall in silver frame automatically received the clasp. Due in part to Göring's infatuation with awards, it is possible that over 30,000 Luftwaffe clasps were awarded between 1944 and the end of the war, making it a quite common award when compared with the small numbers awarded by the other branches.

See also Army Roll of Honor Clasp;   Kriegsmarine Roll of Honor Clasp

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