An Australian rock band originally hailing from Geelong, Victoria, Magic Dirt spent many years on the indie label Au-go-go before finally making their major label debut in 2000 with What Are Rockstars Doing Today?. Their recent releases still manage to retain their original indie sound, despite constant lineup changes in the first couple of years. Their sound is most often compared to Sonic Youth, while Adalita is the kind of growling frontwoman who puts most punk rockers to shame.

The current lineup is as follows:

Adalita: guitars & vocals
Dean Turner: bass & vocals
Raul Sanchez: guitar
Adam Robertson: drums

A basic discography:

Signs of Satanic Youth EP, 1993, Au-go-go
Life Was Better... EP, 1994, Au-go-go
Friends in Danger, 1996, Au-go-go
Young and Full of the Devil, 1998, Au-go-go
What Are Rockstars Doing Today?, 2000, Warner Music Australia
Tough Love, 2003, Warner Music Australia
Snow White, 2005, Warner Music Australia
We Had Love, 2007, Emergency Music
Beast, 2007, Emergency Music

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