The Magic Roll, The Triangle, Clifton, Bristol
A healthy takeaway

The name doesn't even begin to do it justice, it is just pure magic. The main reason people go there is for the eponymous Magic Rolls which come in two basic types, à la carte or table d'hôte. Of course that's much too poncy, so in the roll they're called rolls or rolls of honour respectively.

Build-your-own roll

The magic roll comes in medium and large and is a piece of turkish flatbread, smothered with hummus, tabbouleh, grated carrot, lettuce, red onion and cheddar cheese. Collectively these are "the basics". Next comes the topping, a choice of chicken, lamb patties, steak, haloumi, falafel or roast vegetables.

Finally you add a sauce. The list is quite extensive, but includes mayonnaise, aioli, pesto, sweet chilli, deli mustard and goodness knows what else. If this isn't enough for you, you can add EXTRAS. You can add another topping, such as haloumi or roast veg for about 60p, or there's feta, jalapeños, pineapple and mango salsa or goats' cheese. These cost between 10p and 60p each.

Then they grill it.

Expect to pay between £3.25 and £6.00 for a magic roll.
They're worth it though.

The rolls of honour

By now you should be finding it hard to contain yourself from rushing to Bristol to get one, but let your imagination run wild for a moment. What would go well on a roll? Tandoori chicken and mint yoghurt? You're in luck! The rolls of honour are suggested by customers and can contain anything. The best ones get made up and the other customers vote on them. The winner gets made into the roll of honour for the year and anyone can order it. The one I mentioned earlier is the Jaadu Khana (= magic roll) and is the roll for '06. '05's roll was the Magic Club. I don't have to explain what's on that, do I?

What else is there?

Well, the roll has all sorts of stuff. The filled focaccia are especially good but if you're there for a sandwich you'll most likely be going for a roll. They also stock home-made brownies and flapjacks, which are rather special, and a selection of gourmet crisps. Oh, and a selection of soft drinks and coffee.

What're the clientèle like?

Come on Bristol residents, say it with me. Students and young professionals! As with most places in clifton the Roll is consumed by them. The roll is populated by young professionals at lunch time and students after clubs let out. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it's open 'til 0300 so the perfect place to stop by at on your way home. Alternatively, you could be civilised and go for lunch. The advantage of lunchtimes is there's usually a better selection of salads. Oh, and don't go in after midnight if you're just going to be a dick. Tanya and Emma will hate you, and they're lovely.

Ok, I'm sold, what should I get?

Well, I've been through a few different 'usuals' since I started going. Here's the list (starting at the oldest going up to my current), pick one for yourself!

  1. Medium chicken, all the basics, sweet chilli sauce
  2. Large chicken, all the basics, pineapple and mango salsa, sweet chilli sauce sauce
  3. Large chicken, all the basics, haloumi, aioli
  4. Large chicken, all the basics, haloumi, pesto

The Debutante says re Magic Roll: They're opening one on Redcliffe Way, too. About two minutes' walk from my office :-)
Wonderful, they're spreading!

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