I’m usually uncomfortable with commercial products - there is much to be said about the chemicals used in even our most basic diets these days and even more about what's in the hygiene products we need from day to day, but it won't be said by me (I'm over conspiracies at this point).
That being said, here's an awesome recipe for making your own deodorant should you want to keep it natural and chemical free without the resultant odor.

Roughly, what you'll need:

Put everything together (minus essential oil) in a small bowl then stir until melted, if using a microwave heat for 30 seconds, take out, stir, re-heat, stir, until melted. Then you add the essential oils. Feel free to experiment until you get a consistency that works for you. Put in container of your choice and let sit over night.

Essential oils you could use:

Of course there are plenty of options out there, you're certainly not limited to my list here and you could mix in more than one.

Also if you perspire more than the average person (like I do *^_^* ) I’d suggest you use a little talcum powder before or after the use of any deodorant and you shouldn’t have to worry about possibly smelling bad and, now you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and such.

Here’s another variant of this recipe – and it’s got pictures too.
This one’s also cool

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