Making Chloroform

Here is a simple guide to make the chemical compound chloroform. Be sure to read the warning.

WARNING: This isn't one of those bullshit 'something might go wrong' warnings. This is not safe chloroform. Medical grade chloroform is mixed with a percentage of ether to stop it decomposing to the chemical Phosgene, A WWI chemical gas. While taking in chloroform, it decomposes in your body to phosgene. The phosgene reaches the liver, and creates cell mutation and DNA changes which are pretty much guaranteed to cause cancer eventually. In addition to the phosgene mentioned, halocarbons tend to be bitchin' alkylating agents. There is an obscene amount of shit in your body which can be fucked up by alkylation, and some of the more reactive thereof happen to be the base pairs in your DNA. YOU WILL GET CANCER.

Pay attention to that.

- Bottle of Bleach.

- Bottle of pure acetone (not nail-polish remover, you can pick up acetone at hardware stores)

- Big bag of party-ice. You really do need a lot of ice.

- Glassware, so you can see how much of the solution has turned to chloroform. You cannot see well through many other materials, plastic etc.


1. Pour bleach in glass container. Almost all the way up. Maybe use half a litre or so, but it can work in smaller sizes, its just less effective.

2. Add ice to the bleach, to cool it down to a temperature significantly cooler than room temperature. Leave it to cool for a bit.

3. Add one part Acetone for every 50 parts Bleach. Pour acetone in, replenish the ice if necessary. With time the reaction should cloud up and increase in heat.

4. Leave it for 20 minutes, just to make sure that the reaction is fully completed. Keep a close eye on it though, it may overheat. Feel the glass occasionally to make sure. Also, allow time for the reaction to settle. Time may vary with the size of reactions made.

5. After settling, there will either be a white powder at the bottom of the glassware, or a clear bubble. Pour off the remaining solution and try to leave the bubble/dust in the glass.

6. Extract pure chloroform with a separation funnel or a similar instrument..

7. If you wish to store chloroform, use a brown glass bottle only to prevent radiation making it turn to phosgene quicker. Also, make sure the bottle is filled all the way up, because chloroform reacts with Oxygen. You can only store the chloroform for a week or so however, because it will eventually decompose.

Yeah. Now that you know this information, don't use it.

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