A ballroom dance of Cuban origin that resembles the rumba and the cha-cha. Also, the music for this dance.

An Australian surf and streetware company.

Founded in 1984 by Dare Jennings, whose dream of an international design and fashion empire was borne out of the simple belief that almost any idiot could make a few dollars by sticking a picture on the back of a T-shirt and selling it. He was right.

Launched in a nice pair of boardshorts and a professionally printed range of fashionable oversized T-shirts, Mambo has since evolved from a raucous and sardonic curiosity into an international lifestyle company. Today, Mambo has 19 stores around the world, a UK licensee, and a constantly growing team of agents and distributors through Australia, Europa, Asia and New Zealand.

From a small but flamboyant collection of essential lifestyle accessories, Mambo today boasts a huge collection of quintessential leisure requisites, available in all the usual sizes and fashionable colours - Mambo 'Loud shirts', T - shirts, swimwear, Mambo 'Sunnies' (eyewear), surfboards, caps, bags, wallets, watches, jewellery, ceramics, posters, postcards, books and CD's.

Lifted entirely from the Mambo company webpage: www.mambo.com.au

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