More specifically, Man Getting Hit By A Football In The Groin.

The classic, timeless Hans Moleman classic. Presented at a number of film festivals, it was only beaten by Barney Gumble's self-titled anthem to beer. Regardless, Man Getting Hit By A Football in the Groin, is a true work of art.

Its deceivingly simple plot line and scenario feature Hans Moleman, of the "Hans Moleman in the Morning, Good Moleman to you" radio show, being hit in the groin by an object none other than a football. There's a brief moment of pause, as we all wait in anticipation to see what happened to Hans, followed by the inevitable movement of Hans' arms into his groin area, his facial expression changing into one of great pain and suffering, and him falling down on the ground holding onto his groin as if to make the pain go away.

Amongst the other great features of the film are the beginning and end credits, probably done on an Amiga 500. It is definitely the film to see for all Hans Moleman fans out there.

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