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So it's really September 4, 2010 but it feels like the 3rd because it's only 2 am. This is another lonely day.

I want to start this one off with what I hope is a well known secret. Even if a person chooses to hide a new writeup it is still in the new writeups list. It's not in the nodelet but clicking the "more" link at the bottom of the nodelet leads to a page with the complete list of new writeups with the hidden ones revealed. I was thinking about this when I received feedback from the last lonely day. I wondered how people knew it even existed. It makes me both nervous and happy to know that not very much slips between the cracks. (Click me)

Tonight I feel I may be overstepping my bounds this time. Others have already said things like this but I'm still typing. As someone who has been here for only two years I was not here to witness when E2 changed. Therefore I may be entirely wrong but when others talk about E2 changing, such as in the Decaversary Interviews, most talk about when E2 raised the bar. I don't feel that raising the bar was about improving the quality of the writing here. It was about making writing, fact and fiction, more the focus of this site. From old nodes I've read, newer nodes about the old days and even from a nuke message I received from dem bones I get the same feel.

E1 was started as a project without a clear goal. When E2 was started it shared that spirit. Back in the before times, users fucked around a lot. That's it. They shared incomplete ideas, opinions, rants, made jokes, you name it. Yes, many did do it quite intelligently and eloquently and by no means am I saying current users can't do these things. It's just harder to do because the focus has changed. This is by no means a bad thing; it's just different. The problem is that many new users come in seeing the old spirit and end up getting slammed by the new one. New users submit things that are similar to many of the things they read here. Unfortunately due to the nature of softlinks it's quite likely they've been reading nodes from years ago. So when they get nuked they don't understand. Some of it also has to do with earning your bullshit. I can't imagine a new user being able to post things like this. With new users it can be hard to see them as clever rather than stupid and maybe that's okay.

This is getting a bit long so I'll end it with this. I don't want to node for numbers but posting this makes me go up a level to level 3. I don't want to care but knowing that made me hesitate in posting this. Ain't that a bitch?

Yesterday was August 31, 2007.
Onward to the next day.

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