Mark Allen Hoppus is the bassist for the band Blink 182. Mark was born March 15th, 1972 in Ridgecrest, CA. Him and his 5th grade girlfriend Priscilla (sp?) used to watch Knight Rider every Friday. He loved Star Wars and considers Jabba the Hutt someone who would have sex by "laying there and making the other person do the work" (like he does from what he says). His parents divorced when he was 14 and he went to live with his father, a weapons technician. They settled in San Diego, CA. When he was 15 his father gave him a bass and amp for his birthday. Mark wanted to become an English teacher, which obviously did not pan out. Now he continues to focus on the bass.

After Mark dropped out of college he hooked up with his sister’s, Anne’s, friend’s boyfriend Tom DeLonge and they started the band Blink. This was rapidly followed by the joining of the band’s first drummer: Scott Raynor. Soon after the band’s name was changed to Blink 182 due to conflict with an English techo band. After three releases Mark and Tom changed drummers to Travis Barker. The reasons behind this are extensively discussed, argued, theorized, and lied about. With Travis, the band has released two new albums, Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, as well as the live album: The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show.

At current, Mark is married to Skye Everly and has a son. He continues to work with Blink182 who is expected to release a new album as of March 2003. Mark plays a Fender Custom Shop Precision bass, split into a Mesa Boogie 400+ amp, powering an Ampeg 810E cabinet, and an Ampeg SVT 3 pro amp, powering another Ampeg 810E cabinet. He also uses Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky bass strings, and Dunlop Tortex.

Mark Hoppus Stats
Weight: 170 lbs.
Shoe Size: 11
Favorite Blink182 Song: Apple Shampoo (and a good choice in this noder’s opinion)
Some favorite bands include: Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids
Dogs: Cheeseburger, Atticus, and Ahi (beagle)

Resources include, but are not limited to: celebrity storm,, various television biographies,, personal knowledge, and too many very poorly written biographies that I had to ignore and hate as I brooded about the demise I wanted to rain down upon the heathens. I pray that each of you find either my biography written here to be flawless or very rapidly /msg me with the corrections with support and/or sources.

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