blink-182 is the self-titled 2003 album from the California trio. Originally slated for release in the early summer of 2003, the album debuted on November 18th, 2003 to quite an unsuspecting audience. This album puts the band in a whole new light with sounds and recording styles never heard from this group. Some have likened the effect to the side project Boxcar Racer but true blink 182 rhythms lurk all over the tracks and seperate this as an exclusively blink 182 project.

The majority of this album was created when the band rented a house to simply sit and create. This time allowed them to discover so many affects that normally would have been left to a mixer in post-production. Many departures from standard blink 182 sounds are abundant. Track 3, I Miss You, is an excellent acoustic track, which took Mark Hoppus days to find. Track 5, Stockholm Syndrome, has an intro of a letter being read but was printed on the CD so that it is easily skipped to allow the listener direct access to the song. Track 7, The Fallen Interlude, is an instrumental feat accomplished by producer Sick Jacken and Travis Barker. Track 12, All Of This, features vocals by Robert Smith of The Cure. There are many other notable nuances but all-in-all this album is another evolution in the band which will have a large shifting affect on the fanbase.

The first single was put on the Madden 2004 soundtrack and billed as Action but was later renamed to Feeling This and landed as track 1 on the album. The music video for both this and the next single I Miss You have been produced. The former of these two tracks, as well as a few others, earned blink 182 the regularly seen parental advisory warning. There is an additional track available to iTunes users titled Not Now.

The album contains a great bonus collection of six videos viewable using a computer. These include, in order, Feeling This (produced music video), Obvious (concert video), Down/Fallen Interlude (compilation of recording time), Violence (black and white video), Stockholm Syndrome (including The Letter intro, black and white intro with color video).

Album: blink-182
Artist: blink-182
Bass, Vocals: Mark Hoppus
Guitar, Vocals: Tom DeLonge
Drums: Travis Landon Barker
Produced by: Jerry Finn with the exception of The Fallen Interlude which was produced by Sick Jacken
Recorded by: Ryan Hewitt
Keyboards: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Vocals on All Of This: Robert Smith of The Cure

Track Listing
  1. Feeling This
  2. Obvious
  3. I Miss You
  4. Violence
  5. Stockholm Syndrome
  6. Down
  7. The Fallen Interlude
  8. Go
  9. Asthenia
  10. Always
  11. Easy Target
  12. All Of This
  13. Here's Your Letter
  14. I'm Lost Without You

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