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The instinctive reaction your body undergoes when a foreign body (i.e., anything that isn't usually supposed to be there) approaches your eye.

Wanna see this one in action?

  1. Point your finger.
  2. Poke it toward your eye.

If your finger is suddenly obscured by your eyelid snapping shut, you've experienced the blink reflex.

If you can now feel your cornea with your fingertip, remove your finger and seek medical attention.

The blink reflex is what keeps dirt, rocks, bugs, and stray fingers from touching your eyeballs. It's a good thing.

Do not attempt to retrain your body to relax, as some opponents of the gag reflex have done with their personal pet peeve. The familiar maxim regarding fun to be had and eventual occular loss applies.

The automatic reaction my body undergoes whenever I hear Blink-182 or any other worthless trendy band du jour on the radio. To see this reflex in action:
  1. Turn on your favorite local "alternative rock" station. Make sure a musician is in the vicinity.
  2. Wait about 30 seconds
If you heard two or three power chords and some irritating vocals for 2 seconds before the musician launched himself across the room to change the radio station, you've just witnessed the blink reflex.

If the musician's fist has accidentally slammed through the stereo, make him/her buy you a new one.

The blink reflex is what keeps those of us who try to write and play somewhat meaningful music from going crazy due to the sheer idiocy present in the music industry today. It's a good thing.

Do not try to suppress the blink reflex. If you change the station back, you will be spat upon by any musicians in the room.

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