Massport is an agency in Massachusetts having authority to manage Logan Airport, Hanscom Field, the Tobin bridge (toll) and the Port of Boston (shipping and passenger vessels operating in Boston Harbor).

Massport was established in 1959, however it remained relatively obscure until the late 1970's when the Commonwealth began to actively improve shipping trade and operations at Logan Airport. Edward King who was in charge of Massport at this time went on to win a term as Governor of Massachusetts from 1979-1983.

Massport has had the responsibility of managing a continuous program of design improvement to the Logan Airport facility, which is has been historically bottlenecked by the roadways which provide access and the available real estate in its east Boston location. From 1990-2002 this has involved being part of the planning and execution of the big dig, (the re-engineering of Boston's highway systems).

Massport is one of several Massachusetts Authorities, established by the Commonwealth (MA is not a "state") with authority to manage(sic) various assets. This organizational structure has the advantage of allowing management of some controversial enterprises outside of short term whims of the voting process.

They include:

  • Mass Turnpike Authority (US Interstate 90 toll road)
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife (oversees hunting and fishing)
  • Steamship Authority (operates a (monopoly) on transport to Martha's Vinyard and Nantucket Islands)
  • MBTA (operates public transport in metro Boston)
  • MWRA (operates drinking water and sewage operations in the Boston area)


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