A mutator for Unreal Tournament that adds Matrix-style acrobatics to the game. Excellent when coupled with Lazy Matrix and dual enforcers.

  • Wallrunning & backflip - Dodge forwards into a wall and hold down forward to run either along the wall or up it. Press jump to backflip off the wall while running up it.
  • Summersault / backflip - Dodge forwards or backwards while not near a wall. Can be done while in the air.
  • Cartwheeling - Dodge to the left or right. Can be done while in the air. Excellent for dodging bullets or to move behind cover.
  • Side spin - Dodge to the left or right while crouching. Spins you 360° in that direction.
  • Double jump - Jump, then jump again while in the air. Useful for reaching powerups.
  • High jump - Jump while crouching. Useful for... covering large distances quickly, I guess.
  • Air freeze - Crouch while in the air. Stops you where you are in the air, letting you fire at people while stationary. Falling a long way, hitting crouch just before you hit the ground and then releasing will still make you crater, though.

The maximum wallrun time, maximum air freeze time, and the wallrun speed are all configurable, so you can tweak the game to suit your playing style.

The Matrix Moves website is at http://www.planetunreal.com/reactor4/p_matrixmoves.htm .

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