I am working on a long write up about chronic pain and addiction, but I need to do a bit more checking before posting it. I wrote most of it yesterday on this laptop at the Pacific Northwest Association Synchronized Swim Championship Meet in Kirkland, Washington. The Introverted Thinker competed. This was an Age Group Meet to qualify for the Regional Meet. The Age Group Nationals will be in Federal Way this year. Usually the meets are two days, but yesterday's was only one, because novice and intermediate swimmers were not included.

The meet was only one day, but long. We left at 5:40 am to get to Kirkland. The meet included figures, duets, solos, trios and team routines. We were done at 5:30 pm and home by 7:30. By the end of the day the parents and the swimmers were looking a bit hagged.

Happy Mother's Day!

I woke a bit sad, missing my mother, which is an annual May/Mother's Day/Memorial Day remembrance. I was going to work on the above mentioned write up, but I think I need a day off from thinking too much about end of life, pain or addiction. The EF and the IT brought me cinnamon toast and British Breakfast tea and a fruit salad in bed earlier. The dog and both cats came in. The bunny did not. The IT gave me a card and an orchid. The EF handed me an Easter Basket with a set of the little diaries that I use, a knife that he got in Spain and chocolate. Wow! The Beau left for Seattle to see his mother and I am torn between a lazy day lolling around the house and going in to do some work. Eventually the work will win out, but not for another hour. Meanwhile I am writing this, reading the Song of Solomon in another tab because two computers makes our network slow, drinking too much coffee and feeling happy to be home!

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