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A character of moderate importance in the Wheel of Time book series. Before Rand al'Thor fulfilled certain parts of the Prophecies of the Dragon, Taim declared himself the Dragon Reborn. When al'Thor defeated Ishamael and the Seanchan at Falme, Taim (along with two other false Dragons) fell off his horse and was captured by Davram Bashere, General of the army of Saldaea. He later escaped and came into al'Thor's service. Under al'Thor's orders, he trains men to channel saidin.

I had written here that Taim might be Demandred in disguise, but a friend on LiveJournal reminded me of a reason he can't be. During the battle going on while Rand and Nynaeve are attempting to get rid of the Dark One's taint, Demandred did not recognize and was nearly killed by Flinn, one of the first Asha'man. Taim most certainly would have recognized him.

In any case, Taim ordered several Asha'man who were Darkfriends to kill al'Thor, as revealed in Winter's Heart. So he may be a Darkfriend or Dreadlord himself, or simply want Rand dead for his own reasons.

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