Megavolt is a villian from the cartoon series Darkwing Duck.

The origin of Megavolt started in high school. During high school, Drake Mallard, who dresses up as Darkwing Duck, was classmates with a bright electrical genius named Elmo Spuderspark. One day, Elmo Spuderspark was working on an experiment, where the energy created by a treadmill was used to power a light bulb. While on the treadmill, a bully approached Elmo, taped Elmo's hands to the treadmill, and set the treadmill to maximum power. After the experiment exploded, Elmo was transformed into a walking dynamo.

After that, Elmo vowed revenge on the bully. At the night of the school prom, Elmo dressed up in the current Megavolt attire, which was a yellow jump suit, a plug helmet, and a battery strapped to his back. However, at the prom, Dake Mallard stops Megavolt, disguised in the current Darkwing Duck outfit.

Since then, Megavolt has been a super-villain fighting Darkwing Duck. Megavolt impacted Darkwing Duck's life in major ways:
-Megavolt was responsible for the creation of Negaduck with his galvanizer weapon, which separated positrons from negatrons.(Negaduck, later became a flesh being (which makes no sense), since the episode showed that Negaduck merged back with Darkwing Duck.)
-Megavolt was a member of the Fearsome Five, which was a team of super villians that combined their powers to take over Saint Carnard.
-Megavolt made Darkwing Duck temporarily blind
-Megavolt used a television-manipulating device to split Darkwing's adopted daughter Gosling, into the three primary colors: yellow, blue, green.

The series ended with the indication that Megavolt and Darkwing Duck continued ther villain-hero relationship.

Darkwing Duck and Megavolt knew each other years ago, at their senior prom. This is where the two brought into light their hero and villain personas. Megvolt originated as a calm high school geek named Elmo Sputterspark. Due to his intellect, he constantly got teased and taunted by a "jock" named Hamm String and Prina Lott, his girlfriend. One day, while Elmo was conducting as experiment with static electricity, Hamm tampers with the experiment. In the end, Elmo got the power to harness electricity.

After the experiment, Elmo's brain became wacky, which explains why he can't even remember his name most of the time. Also, Elmo had the urge to take revenge on the school. So, he attended the high school prom to wreak his revenge. At first, his name was "Megawatt", but he changed it to "Megavolt" because it matched the name of the band in the prom. He was thwarted by Drake Mallard who dressed up as the hero Darkwing Duck.

Years later, Megavolt attempted to destroy the high school reunion. However, he was again stopped by Darkwing Duck.

Meg`a*volt" (?), n. [Mega- + volt.] Elec.

One of the larger measures of electro-motive force, amounting to one million volts.


© Webster 1913.

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