Megiddo is the best gothic pub/bar/disco in Vienna, so if you visit this beautiful city, don't forget to go there. It's in "Ullmannstrasse 12, 1150 Wien" and can easily be reached by subway. They have a webpage too:

"Megiddo" the name itself is defined by Frater 219

Megiddo is a valley in Palestine. According to the prophecies of St. John the Mushroom-Head in the Book of Revelation, there will be a great battle there which will herald the end of the world. In Aramaic, the words for "valley of Megiddo" sound like "Armageddon", which is where the latter expression came from.

Though there is a Valley of Megiddo the prophecy refers to Mount Megiddo. The Hebrew word for mountain is har.

Megiddo (also known as The Omega Code 2) is a movie as well, currently in release (as of September 23, 2001), by 8X Entertainment/Gener8Xion Entertainment (also referred to as 8X or 8X Entertainment). It is both sequel and prequel. They also produced The Omega Code. Like The Omega Code, Megiddo is basically a fundamentalist interpretation of the prophecy in the book of Revelations, or the "End Times." Fundamentalists on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) are heavily promoting this film, as they did for The Omega Code

Following the events of September 11, 2001, Gener8Xion Entertainment apparently debated continuing the release of this film. In a statement on Gener8Xion Entertainment's website (, Matthew Crouch said, "The overwhelming consensus is that we are releasing a movie containing an answer to the question that we did not even know would be asked."

It is their contention (8X's as well as the people that make up TBN) that we are witnessing the events depicted in Revelations. 8X Entertainment even seems to believe (at least to me) that the timing of the film's release may have been divinely inspired, stating on their website, "Who could have foreseen that it would be a motion picture that rallies the resiliency and determination of the American people in the midst of catastrophe?" This sentiment has been echoed quite loudly on TBN.

Personally, I find it distasteful that they seem to be pushing this harder, using 9/11 as a reason people should see this movie, and take their (as heard on TBN) "unsaved friends".

There's cast, character, and other information about this movie at

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