Babylon 5 Season 2, Episode 2. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Jim Johnston. Originally aired on November 9, 1994.

Primary Plot: G'Kar brings news of a a mysterious new alien race.

Secondary Plot: Garibaldi recovers from his coma, the traitor security officer who shot him is flushed out.

Tertiary Plot: Sheridan's sister comes for a visit, causing John to revisit some old memories about his deceased wife, Anna Sheridan.

Fourth Plot: Delenn emerges from her chrysalis--she's now half Minbari, half human.

Commentary: The salute that Jack (Garibaldi's aide) gives Garibaldi in the interrogation cell is the same one that Bester gave him in Mind War.

This episode is one of only four where President Clark actually appears on camera--the others are Chrysalis, Voices of Authority, and Endgame. (I'm not counting still shots.) JMS has said he felt it better to paint Clark through his subordinates, while leaving the President himself largely off-camera.

If Laurel Takashima had remained as a character on the show (she was the First Officer in The Gathering, the series pilot), she would've been the one to shoot Garibaldi. The characters might not have found out about it for an entire season after this point, though.

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The X-files

Episode: 3X11
First aired:12/15/95
Written by: Kim Newton
Directed by: David Nutter

A great episode! Very Scully centric.

A reverend talks to a congregation in Pennsylvania saying that miracles do happen. His palms start to bleed spontaneously. Later, the reverend is attacked by a man with supernatural strengths, pinning him against the wall as wisps of smoke rise from the reverends neck.

Mulder says, while examining the body, that the reverends bleeding was a fraud and he's the 11th alleged stigmatic slain over 3 years. Meanwhile, at an elementary school, a young boy, Kevin Kryder, begins to bleed from his hands in class.

Mulder and Scully are summoned by a social services worker who explains that Kevin has bleed before and that his father has been institutionalized for believing he had to protect Kevin from evil forces. Mulder and Scully visit Kevin's father who asks them flatly if he is bleeding again. He says that the boy has been chosen and that dark forces will come to slay him in form of a powerful man. He tells Scully that she must go full circle to find the truth.

Kevin is abducted from the shelter where he is staying, byu a strange-looking man. Based on the other children's description, the man looks like Homer Simpson's evil twin. However, Kevin's mother recognizes the man as Owen Jarvis, who was hired to do yard work.

Alone, Owen tells Kevin that he is his gaurdian angel. Mulder and Scully find him in the attic, but not the boy. Owen says he's not the one who wants to hurt Kevin and that he was asked to protect kevin by God. He suddenly leaps out the second-story window and runs away.

Kevin returns to his house. The man, who killed the reverend, comes looking for him. He finds the boy, hiding, and is about to take him when Owen intervenes and struggles with the man. Owen is killed in a similar fassion to the death of the reverend. Mulder and Scully find Owen's body, and Kevin, who asks Scully if she is the one sent to protect him.

Owen's body is not decomposing normally. Scully mentions how she was taught in Catechism about incorruptibles, whose bodies wouldn't decay. This time, Mulder is the skeptic, telling her not to let her faith cloud her judgement.

Scully finds a print on Owen's neck belonging to Simon Gates, the cheif executive of a large company, a rich an powerful man.

Kevin is with his mother when their car breaks down and Gates arrives, harming Kevin's mother and chasing the boy into the woods. However, Kevin, who has previously appeared in two places at once, is back in the car with his mother, who runs over Gates before crashing into a ditch.

Kevin's mother is dead and Scully vows to protect him. Mulder says that a man fitting Gate's description rented a car under the name Forau, one of the devil's disciples.

They take Kevin to their motel. Scully sees a cut on Kevin's side, evidence of stigmata, as he bathes and wonders aloud if divintiy might be involved, but Mulder dismisses the notion. Scully asks how Mulder can believe every light in the sky but is unwilling to acept the posibility of a miracle.

They hear a sound and break into the bathroom where Kevin is gone, and the bars on the windows have been melted.

Scully goes to see Kevin's father who is heavily medicated so can't concentrate. However, she sees a recycling can with the arrows in a circle. She feels that coming full circle meant that Kevin was taken to the recycling plant that Gates owns.

Mulder says that Scully thinks that she was sent to protect Kevin.

At the plant, Gates tells Kevin that he must die for the New age to come. Scully reaches the scene and Gates flees with Kevin up a flight of stairs, trying to leap into a huge shredding machine. Kevin, however, clings to the side as Gates is ground up by the bladesb elow. Kevin tells her that he knew she'd come.

Two days later, Kevin's hands have healed and he tells Scully that he will see her again. Scully goes to confession for the first time in 6 years asking the priest if he believes in miracles and expressing her own doubts, since only she and not Mulder witnessed them. The priest tells her that maybe the miracles were only meant for her to see and tells her that we must sometimes come full circle to find the truth, echoing exactly what Kevin's father told her.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Yeah, looks like Kevin was abducted by Homer Simpson's evil twin."

Owen -- "I was only asked to protect the boy."
Mulder -- "By who? Who asked you to protect him?"
Owen -- "God."
Mulder -- "God! That's quite a long distance call, isn't it?"
Owen -- "You don't understand, unless someone protects Kevin ..."
Mulder -- "It's the end of the world as we know it, right?"
Owen -- "He who has ears, let him hear."
Mulder -- "And he that has a tongue, let him speak. Now tell me where he is!"

Mulder -- "Any revelations?"
Scully -- "Mulder, would you do me a favor? Would you smell Mr. Jarvis?"

Scully -- "I ... believe in the idea that God's hand can be witnessed. I believe He can create miracles, yes."
Mulder -- "Even if science can't explain them?"
Scully -- "Maybe that's just what faith is."

Mulder -- "You never draw my bath."

Mulder -- "You think it's you, don't you? You think you're the one who's been chosen to protect Kevin."

Scully -- "Afraid that God is speaking ... but that no one's listening."

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