Some would argue, "No, no. This never happens."

Obviously, they're not living in the real world. Just like how women can be treated badly, men can also be treated badly. And for some reason, men are socially engineered to take more crap from the woman. Here are some of the things women who treat men badly do:

1. "Disapprove" of him and his likes in attempt to change the man.

2. Keep reminding him that she wants to break-up with him on a specific set date.

3. Taking for granted, his ability to understand and compromise.

4. Taking advantage of his generosity. In this case, she starts becoming a gold-digger.

5. Getting her way whenever there is a conflict. Some would argue the man may be passive at this point. But usually, the only thing he wants to avoid is a meaningless argument.

6. Flirting with other men either in front of him or behind his back.

7. Cheating on him.

8. Not understanding that his personality can grow to become more enlightened.

9. Having sex only when she wants.

10. Not respecting his private/personal life.

11. Arguing over every meaningless detail of either "what he said" or "what he did".

12. Having little tolerance and patience of his own "flaws".

13. Not saying "sorry" when she's wrong.

14. Not admitting when she's wrong and always trying to get him to admit he's wrong when he really isn't.

15. Blaming him for everything or anything that goes wrong.

16. Not going to important events with him. (e.g. his graduation, lifetime achievement award ceremony, their wedding, etc...)

17. Not sacrificing nor compromising anything of hers for his benefit. (Aren't relationships suppose to be a two-way street?)

18. Telling him "I don't love you," yet still wanting to have sex with him.

It is a good thing that not all women are like this. Hell, if they were, I'm sure there would be battles raging on. For all the nice girls out there, keep being nice and the man of your dreams may come to you.

...and here's a continuation of the list from after our break-up:

19. Leaving the relationship, the apartment, the life you were suppose to have with her without a word from her except a measely 2-cent note.

20. Leaving with you the bills and the rent to pay after she'd gone.

21. Not telling you the reasons she left until at least a month passes by, and then seeing it posted on a public website instead of discussing it face to face.

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