Introduced in 1944, the German developed and produced Messerschmitt Me 262 was the world's first truly effective jet fighter to reach operational status (during the Second World War).

This aircraft enjoyed a speed advantage of more than 100 mph over the fastest prop-driven plane, which allowed them to sail past escort fighters and attack bombers with impunity. The main battery of four 30mm cannons was devastating to any bombers caught in its sights.

However, the Me 262 was slow to accelerate and not very maneuverable, and Allied pilots soon learned to attack them when they were most vulnerable - during take-off and landing.


Max. Speed: 868 km/h
Cruise Speed: 670 km/h
Ceiling: 11,448 m
Combat Radius: 241 km
Fuel Capacity: 1670 L
Wing Area: 21.7 sq. m
Thrust: 1,980 lb/engine
Weight loaded: 6385 kg

Stats from Francois Verlinden's WWII Aircraft Volume 2

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