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Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (C5H12O) has excellent stability, a key advantage over other ethers, due to its inherent resistance to form peroxides, and its resistance to breakdown in acidic conditions.

MTBE-HP is infinitely miscible in common hydrocarbon and organic solvents, but has very limited solubility in water. This property makes MTBE-HP an ideal choice for use as an extraction solvent for organics from an aqueous environment.

Because of these characteristics, as well as its strong solvating properties, MTBE-HP has been found to be an effective replacement in many applications for methylene chloride and diethyl ether. Pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufactures have discovered the numerous benefits of MTBE-HP, in meeting the challenges of increasing regulatory issues.

CAS: 1634-04-4

HAZARD: Flammable, moderate fire risk. Skin irritant, due to its degreasing properties.


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