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Mice Parade is a band alias of Adam Pierce of the New York City collective The Dylan Group (in fact, Mice Parade is an anagram of his name).
The Dylan Group was always famous for it's Tortoise-ish blending of vibraphones and drums, among other instruments, and Mice Parade is no exception to this category.

An inventive mix of improvisation, electronic manipulation and dub, Mice Parade's music is consistently interesting and original - intriguing melodies layer themselves over reverbed drums, spoken word samples rise up out of the mix, make themselves known, and dissapear again. Acoustic guitars loop to form a repeating phrase over lilting keyboard pieces. Electronically altered drum machine patterns provide backing to vibraphone solos that could belong on Tortoise's TNT.

Every so often, Adam will sing on a track or two, which, although not particularly amazing, manages to separate him from many of his instrumental post rock peers.

Mice Parade is still relatively unknown, at least in the US. Since Adam's bandmate in The Dylan Group, Dylan Cristy, is a co-founder of the New York record label Bubble Core, Mice Parade's albums are usually released there, and on Fat Cat Records in the U.K.. Mice Parade's discography is as follows:

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