The Microbee computer was developed and sold in Australia. The original ones used a Zilog Z80 processor at 2 megahertz, either 16 or 32 kilobytes of battery backed static RAM (6116), and provision for up to 32k of ROM. They had Microworld BASIC in rom, (an Editor Assembler in was also available as an option). Cassette drives were the only storage option.

Later Microbee computers had up to 256k of ram and ran the CP/M operating system, (version 2.2), and could use a floppy disk drive and/or a hard drive.

The Microbee was one of the first computers to gain popularity in the Australian school system. They were also widely hacked for extra functionality, (the Microbee motherboard was very easily customizable). A few of them are still in use today.

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