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A 1995 Woody Allen movie starring Mr. Allen, Mira Sorvino, Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Weller and Michael Rapaport. Sorvino won an Oscar for Best Actress in this film.

The story of husband and wife Lenny and Amanda (Allan and Carter) and their sorted fumblings when it comes to the adoption of a smart young boy. The movie opens with a Greek Chorus offering up gales about Achilles and Oedipus, then alter their focus on Lenny and his obsession with finding out who the mother of his new child is. The Greek Chorus comes in and out of the movie, adding a dollup of humor to the modern-day "Greek Tragedy," of which we can apparently all experience in some aspect of our lives.

Sorvino plays Linda Ash, the mother Lenny eventually catches up with, and we learn through her high-pitched ramblings and from amusing events that she is a prostitute and an actress, who prides herself on the porn she has been a part of.

A memorable line of the film comes when Tiresias, the blind seer of Thebes, runs into Lenny on a New York City street. He tells Lenny about his wife fooling around with another man.
Lenny: "Amanda was kissing another man?"
Tiresias: "Does a Trojan horse have a wooden dick?"

A great Woody Allen film- one of many. Other movies by him include "Bullets Over Broadway," "Annie Hall," "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy," "Husbands and Wives," "Manhattan Murder Mystery," and many more.

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