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Outrageously great film by Woody Allen.

Plot Summary: John Cusack stars as David Shayne, a pseudo-intellectual writer in 1920s New York City, who is struggling to have his play produced. His agent finds a backer in mob boss Nick Valenti (Joe Viterelli), who insists that his idiotic girlfriend Olive, played by Meg Tilly, gets a part in the show.

The supposedly idealistic Shayne reveals himself to be a sell-out, as he agrees to the mobster's terms and rewrites scenes at the whim of fading Broadway star Helen Sinclair (Dianne Wiest), with whom he is besotted. He also reveals himself to be only a minor talent, as it takes Olive's bodyguard Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) to inject life into his pretentious script. Cheech turns out to be the real genius, and rewrites the entire script, allowing Shayne to claim credit for the resulting masterpiece. However, Cheech also turns out to be more uncompromising than Shayne, and can't bear the thought of Olive ruining his work by appearing in the play...


David Shayne: (Sticking his head out the window, screaming) I'm a whore!

Helen Sinclair: Two martinis please, very dry.
David Shayne: How'd you know what I drank?
Helen Sinclair: Oh, you want one too? Three.

Helen Sinclair: You stand on the brink of greatness. The world will open to you like an oyster. No ... not like an oyster. The world will open to you like a magnificent vagina.

Olive hasn't shown up for opening night
David Shayne: Relax, maybe it's just nerves.
Marx: That girl doesn't have a nerve in her body. I don't think her brain is connected to her spinal column.

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