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This is Metro City. Within the walls of the city lives the daughter of the mayor, Jessica. Her beauty Radiates throughout the city and gives the citizens the power to survive. But now a villain attempts to have this beacon of light all to himself.
"I can't believe that I've actually fallen in love with the girl. She will be mine....."
A couple days later...
"What?! Jessica... kidnapped...!?! What have you done to her, Cody?"
"Me?!! This is the work of the Mad Gear Gang. What do you think, Guy?"
"Yes. There's not a moment to spare. Let's Go!"

Mighty Final Fight was produced by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. The story is essentially your run-of-the-mill save the princess affair, but nevertheless this is an excellent game. It's based on "Final Fight," and while the graphics aren't as advanced, the gameplay is fantastic. In many ways it is similar to Double Dragon. The environment is not as interactive, but the combat system is much more elegant and fun, and the sound track is simple but very cool. There is very little information about this game on the world wide web. I am attempting to fix this.


There are three characters to choose from:

Cody: a tough street fighter who is skilled with knives.
Cody is the default character. He moves at an average speed, does average damage, has average health, and goes up in levels at an average rate. He can wield knives.

Guy: descended from the ninja, he possesses incredible agility.
Guy moves quickly and advances in levels more quickly, but he does less damage and has less health than the other characters. He can wield shuriken.

Haggar: the hot-tempered wrestler and mayor of Metro City.
Haggar is the slowest character, and takes the longest to level up, but he does the most damage and has the most health. He begins on the third experience level. He can wield a hammer.


A: Jump
B: Punch.
A-B: Jump-kick
B-A: Spinning attack.
B-forward: Special move. You reach experience level 4 to use this attack.

If you move right next to an opponent, you will grab him. Then you can perform these moves:
B: Knee

Attack Summary:

                          Exp   Damage     Note
                   Punch: 2     Low        
Fourth consecutive punch: 4*    High       Guy and Haggar kick; Cody has a fire punch.
                    Knee: 4     Moderate   Haggar's attack is a head butt instead.
  Third consecutive knee: 6*    Moderate   Basically the same as the first two.
                   Throw: 4*    High       If you throw one enemy into another, both are damaged.
               Jump-Kick: 1*    Moderate
            Melee weapon: 1*    High       Cody's knife, Haggar's hammer.
           Thrown Weapon: 4*    High       Cody's knife, Guy's shuriken.
         Spinning Attack: 2*    Moderate   Damages the player too. Haggar can move during this attack.
    Guy's Special Attack: 5*    High       A roundhouse kick followed by a spinning back kick.
   Cody's Special Attack: 6*    High       A fireball.
 Haggar's Special Attack: 2     Low        Pretty worthless. Don't bother.

*these attacks will knock down an opponent.

"Exp" shows the experience award for defeating an enemy with this attack. Exp are based solely on the attack, not the enemy.

Knocking down an enemy gives you time to deal with another enemy, but you cannot attack an enemy that's on the ground, so if you want to kill someone quickly, you should avoid attacks that would knock him down. The best way to do this is to punch thrice, grab him, knee him twice, and throw.


You'll find yourself running into six kinds of normal enemies and five kinds of bosses. The names are not official. I just made them up to minimize confusion.

The normal enemies:
Type 1 (Mike): Nondescript slow guys in solid-color clothes. All they do is walk up and punch you.
Type 2 (Pat): Fast guys with spiky hair wearing striped shirts. Actually, these could be girls, but I'm not sure. Basically the same as the nondescript slow guys, except faster.
Type 3 (Bob): Fat guys wearing hats. Sometimes they'll block your attacks. They can kick you, which will knock you down.
Type 4 (Sam): Big, muscly guys with no shirts. They'll charge at you or punch you. Both attacks will knock you down.
Type 5 (Ahmed): Guys in turbans with knives. They can slash you, throw knives, slide-kick, or jump-kick. All of these attacks will knock you down.
Type 6 (Sally): Girls with long hair and hats. They can slap you, or jump-kick, which will knock you down.

The bosses:
Type 1 (Thrasher): He'll walk from side-to-side across the top or bottom of the screen. Sometimes he'll jump up and down. If you get too close, he'll bang on your head.
Type 2 (Ronin): He'll wander around the screen, mostly moving along the top and bottom. Sometimes he'll charge at you and slash you with his sword.
Type 3 (Samurai): Basically the same as the Ronin, except when he's almost dead he'll drop his swords and charge at you unarmed.
Type 4 (Boxer): Wanders around somewhat aimlessly. Sometimes he'll stop and his face will turn red. This means he's about to run at you and punch you.
Type 5 (Cyborg): The final boss. First he'll run at you and punch you. Once you beat him up a little, he takes out a gun of some sort and starts shooting from the side of the screen.


There are four types of items that you can find. Sometimes you'll find an item lying on the ground. You can walk over it and press the B button. Usually, however, items will be found in barrels which roll across the screen. If you kick a barrel, it breaks, and sometimes there's something inside.

Food: Heals you. If you're already fully healed, you get experience instead.
Heart: Gives you an extra life.
Bag of Money: Gives you an extra "continue."
Weapon: You can pick it up and wield it. It'll disappear after a while. Cody gets knives, Guy gets shuriken, and Haggar gets hammers.


Generally the easiest (but most time-consuming) way to defeat most enemies is to jump-kick them. If you're in danger of dying, you should probably do this. Nevertheless, you usually shouldn't jump-kick enemies, because you won't get many experience points that way. The quickest way to get experience is to grab enemies and knee them, or use your special attack once you reach experience level 4. On most of the first level, you should only use high-experience attacks, because the risk of dying is very low. After that, use different attacks at your discretion.

Some general advice on the various enemies you'll run into.

If you're fighting Mike, Sally, or Pat, you should punch em a couple times, then grab and knee em. If there are two enemies near you at the same time, however, you should jump-kick one of them to avoid being punched.

If you're fighting Bob, you should jump-kick him. He'll usually block the kick, and then you have a second to grab him and either knee or throw him.

If you're fighting Sam, you should just jump-kick him. If you're playing as Cody, you could use your fireball. If you're carrying shuriken, you could throw them. It's best not to get close to him, because his punches can do a whole lot of damage.

If you're fighting Ahmed, you should punch him a few times and then grab him. If he starts to jump or slide-kick, you should move up or down to avoid him. If he throws a knife at you, just punch the knife; you'll take no damage.

Thrasher is easiest to handle with jump-kicks. Just stand next to him, and as soon as he gets back up, kick him again.

The Ronin is somewhat more difficult. When he's just walking around, you can jump-kick him, but when he charges at you, you should move out of the way. He'll stand there for a second with his sword extended. Now you can move next to him and start punching. You have to be quick about it, though, or he'll slice you.

Use the same procedure for the Samurai, until he's disarmed. Then jump-kick him once, and move so you're directly above or below him. When he stands up, he'll run diagonally and stop next to you. Then you can start beating him up until you knock him down again, and repeat.

The boxer is very dangerous when he's walking around. It's possible to jump-kick him, but very difficult. You're best off moving up and down, backing away slowly. If you stall for time this way, he'll eventually decide to charge. His face will turn red. Stand some distance away from him horizontally. Once he starts to run, move up or down to get out of the way. After he stops, you have about a second to start punching him.

The cyborg will start out trying to punch you. You should jump-kick him then. After a while he'll move to the edge of the screen and start shooting at you. Stand towards the center of the screen, but slightly closer to him. If you come too close, he'll run to the other edge of the screen. You can punch his projectiles out of the air and you won't be hurt. After a while, he'll stop for a moment to laugh. Then you can walk up and hit him. Once you knock him down, move back to the center, and repeat the procedure until he's dead. At this point you win the game.


The characters from Mighty Final Fight can also be found in the Final Fight series. A few of the characters are also present in the Street Fighter Alpha Series: Guy, Cody, and a Samurai named Sodom.

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