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we reserve the right to dance on
wooden planks at sea
twirling with the twinkle of the
moonlight on the water

we can watch the sun fall down
and sink below the tide
diminishing itself in sighs
as the salt enters its pores tonight

and we reserve the right to
walk upon the land
in slow steps in the sand
with seahorses in hand

tearing through the open road
and we can't see the way the
signs are telling us to go
driving at the wind with
grinding teeth and little
shaking fiercely at
the sky

we are warriors tonight
and screaming through the air
and breathing in the earth and
spitting on the moon

we are warriors tonight
with eyes that look like
torches to the
people in the skies

flex that skinny arm,
my dear,
and watch the world fall down

we are skinny little
people, dear,
every little person here
fears every other one

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