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This is the armour that the main character (Master Chief John 117)wears in the Halo series.

The Mjolnir Mark IV battle armor was created by Dr. Carrol Hasley of the UNSC’s Section 2, to increase the efficiently of ground units. The only problem is the amour didn’t work the way it was supposed to. It worked too well. The first time it was activated the soldier whom was wearing it was asked to make a short, slow movement of his arm. The resulting spasm dislocated his shoulder and crushed every bone in his arm. The armor was deactivated to stop anymore injuries and thus was deemed useless. Fortunately another of Dr. Hasly’s projects was the super soldier Spartan program. The Spartans with their biological and cybernetic enhancements made them the only people capable of utilizing the armor.

Constructed from a mix of human, and captured covenant technology, it drastically improves every attribute of the human body. The suit itself is constructed of large titanium-A armor sections (the same alloy used to plate ships and assault vehicles) which has been coated with a refractive glaze to disperse energy weapons. This is on top of the inner layer; containing micro motors used to increase strength and reaction time of movements, a hydrostatic gel system to pad against impacts from external sources as well as the armor, and life support systems. The helmet contains a broadband communications array, short range motion tracking system, and an internal data port that interfaces with the Spartan’s cybernetic implants. The visor displays an internal HUD, with personal bio-meters, system performance monitor, motion tracker, compass and nav point display, team roster information, and image amplification, as well as using a photochromatic light sensitivity controls.

One of the more impressive features is the suits energy shield. An altered form of the covenant shield, its distribution can be manipulated, allowing for full body coverage, but since the shield reduces friction, it is generally not applied to the bottom of the feet or the palms. And unlike the covenant version it can regenerate even after it has been completely drained. The suit is powered by a small internal fusion reactor in the “backpack”, which in the event of the Spartan dieing during conflict; the reactor can be set to overload vaporizing everything in a sixty foot radius to prevent enemies from capturing the technology.

The suit weighs about five tons, and takes several technicians to be applied and removed. The imposing form, making the Spartan look like a mix between a tank and a Greek God, this coupled with their small number, and near perfect success ratio, has lead to Spartans being admired and feared by those on both sides of the war.

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