There were rabbits. It was the airport, and there were rabbits. They were hopping about the field beside the runway. You asked why I would take note of such a thing, why I would go so far as to write it down in a little notebook and put 3 exclamation points after it. I tried to explain what I assumed to be a most self-explanatory occurance...

"Because they're rabbits and this is an airport."

I'm usually so jaded, but this was so novel and so charming that I couldn't contain my child-like marvel. Maybe you found it too hard to humor me because you were on such a high you just laughed and called me droll.

The rabbits could've been non-existent for all it mattered. They just made me take notice. They didn't change my life at all, gave me no bit of wisdom. The fact that this little moment in my life had no significance whatsoever but still deserved to be written down and cherished couldn't register with you. (You showed me you were too human and I could never treat you the same again.)

Between the pain and the joy and the intellectual and spirtual growth we experience in our lives are bland moments that hold no real meaning. They're nothing, but when you fail to acknowledge them life seems less substantial.

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