The Morton Salt Girl or "The Umbrella Girl" is one of the many iconic mascots of American marketing. She is a young girl between the ages of seven and nine, holding an umbrella in the rain, while holding an open Morton salt container with its contents pouring out. She is usually accompanied by the slogan "When it rains, it pours". The original girl appeared in 1914, and was updated five times. The last update was in 1968 and that logo is still being used today.


*1914-The original "Salt girl" is quite young, chubby, and has curls. She holds a golf umbrella in one arm and a container of salt in the other, while standing.

*1921-She is a little older and has a fashionable bobbed haircut, a different umbrella, and is walking.

*1933-She has a perm and wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar and Mary Janes.

*1941-She now has blonde pigtails and wears a polka dot dress and has a big smile.

*1956-Still has her pigtails, but wears a different dress and her head is tilted.

*1968-She now has shorter hair and wearing a pleated mini dress, and looks down as she walks through the rain, she has not been altered or updated since.


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