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In the AD&D Planescape setting, the Outer Plane otherwise known as the Seven Heavens. The plane of pure Lawful Good, it is divided into seven layers, depicted as ascending levels on an infinite mountain. The names of the layers are taken from the planets of the Ptolemaic system, after Dante's use of those planets for his vision of heaven in Paradiso.

Lunia: The heaven of the Moon.
Mercuria: The heaven of Mercury.
Venya: The heaven of Venus.
Solania: The heaven of the Sun.
Mertion: The heaven of Mars.
Jovar: The heaven of Jupiter.
Chronias: The unreachable heaven of Saturn.

Jovar is dominated by the city of Yetsirah, which obviously owes its imagery to the theme of the New Jerusalem in Christianity. Chronias is approached through the city, but none have ever returned, save the archon or angel who rules that place.

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