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Mt. Horeb is a small scandinavian town in the state of Wisconsin. North of Madison, Mt. Horeb is filled with wonderful elderly folk. The town is covered with beautiful old houses and huge pine trees. As well, it is rich in scandinavian history. Main street is covered with three foot high carved wooden elves, trolls, and ogres. In the past few years, the town has modernized, adding a brilliantly lighted pizza parlour to the montage downtown. Sure, it takes away from the charm of the town, but it's one of the few restaurants in which you can gawk at scandinavian trolls without leaving your table.

Not a hot vacation spot, Mt. Horeb is a must-visit for anyone with a love for clogs. Bastads are available in the local heritage shop, shipped directly from Sweden. Of course, you may prefer to browse the collection of traditional Norwegian Christmas decorations.

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