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Mount Washington (6288 ft), located in New Hampshire is the highest peak in New England (in fact, the entire Northeast). This mountain was known by native americans as Agiocochook , and first climbed by Darby Field in 1642.

In 1852, the first summit house was built, followed by an observatory. In 1934, observers measured a wind speed of 231 mph, which still stands as a world record. The weather conditions at Mt. Washington are treacherous, and many people have died each year by hiking or skiing the popular Tuckerman Ravine. An interesting book is Not Without Peril by Nicholas Howe that investigates many of the accidents that have happened on the mountain since the first fatality in 1849.

Hiking the mountain is strenuous, but the views along the way are very nice. However, reaching the summit is a good walk spoiled. When you get to the top, you will be surrounded by people that either came up with the cog railway or the road. They will look at you like you're some ignorant fool that didn't know there were mechanized modes of transportation to get to the summit. People buy these ridiculous stickers stating "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington". But at least you get a feeling that you are not only on top of the world, but also better than the rest of the world.

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