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Ok, so a few weeks ago a bunch of folks in the DOC decided we should portage a canoe up Mount Washington, slap a sticker on it that says "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington," and ride the canoe down a snow-covered ravine. Today was the appointed day. So, at 6:15 this morning, a dozen of us piled into a van, strapped a canoe to the roof rack, and headed up to Mt. Washington, all the while nursing hangovers from Green Key weekend.

When we got to the top, carrying a canoe, the looks on the faces of the tourists were absolutely priceless. I don't think I've ever been looked at quite so strangely before. I loved it!

We proceeded to slap on the sticker, buy some lunch and souvenirs, take pictures, and ride the canoe down the parts of Tuckerman's Ravine that still had sufficient snow. That was a blast, let me tell you.

I highly recommend it. As Austin Powers might say, "Why take the auto road when I've got a perfectly good canoe?"

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