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Mountain Park was a fairly large, local amusement park in Holyoke, MA that was the site of quite a (now) famous Merry-Go-Round. It's a place that holds a lot of memories. I spent my 8 and 10th birthdays there, too scared to go on the old-fashioned wooden roller-coaster they had there. I remember how it all used to look, the sounds, the merry-go-round, the booths, the setup, everything. Mountain park is on the otherside of Mt. Tom, (which was up until recently) a local skiing attraction.

The park eventually lost out and went under due to a bigger park in the area, Riverside (which in turn was bought out by Six Flags). What the particularly eerie part is, most of the stuff from the amusement park is still there. The old north gate, lies rusted and chained shut... the roads broken apart. The old coaster track is still standind, looking more rickety than before. Pieces of it break apart, and it is quite dangerous to go there, but still the mystery and allure still draw me there, at least in spirit

They have taken most of the stuff down, and I haven't visited it's grave in years. It still lies there as a part of Holyoke's history, and will remain a "forbidden" hangout in the area for years to come. The small-town atmosphere of that place, and many of its ilk do not seem to be long for this world.

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