A children's carnival ride that consists of colorful horses (or other animals) on a circular platform that spins. When the ride starts moving, the horses go up and down as if the child was really riding one (only not as rough).

A popular piece of playground equipment which resembles a carnival merry-go-round without the horses or overhead canopy. Children can sit or stand on the platform, holding onto rails so they don't fall off, while other kids spin it around. The ride gets you nice and dizzy, but if you aren't careful, you can fall off and hurt yourself. And if you tend to get queasy, this gets you on the fast-track to Barfolaville.

M is for merry-go-round.

Merry go round time fell down, you aren't where you used to be.

In that neighborhood I went to fourth grade at a new school, I made new friends and let go of old ones that were far away. I learned to ride wheelies on my bike by falling on my ass a hundred times. Built tunnels and sand castles in the volleyball court, moats and pits for people to trip in and swear about. I played soccer with my dad, the time he kicked the ball and it hit me smack in the face so hard I tipped over stung bright red and maybe crying. We spent afternoons climbing the stumpy trees and peeing behind the bushes instead of using the restrooms with their gritty sand on floor and unflushed toilets.

Last night we went looking for the merry-go-round at Chintimini Park and it was gone. All the rusty old playground equipment with sharp metal edges and splintery wood was replaced with bland plastic structures planted in a matt of sawdust. Impossible to hurt yourself rounded edges and garish bright colors instead of flecking chipped paint worn down to polished metal in the favorite places.

Promised her I would spin the world around while she lay on her back and watched the stars twirl. Instead we went back and forth on the swings, the only halfway between aged things left behind. I swung high as I could until the chains made that chunky half falling near the top and then jumped out. The still calm weightless right before falling is the best, then two feet on the ground with a thump. Hung my head backwards and watched the ground rush past upside down inches away, welcome back yesterday.

Promised her yes sure, but things aren't the way they were. I would like to live in a back then (remember when) but nothing stays how we froze it, not even ourselves.

Mer"ry-go`-round" (?), n.

Any revolving contrivance for affording amusement; esp., a ring of flying hobbyhorses.


© Webster 1913.

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