I moved flat yesterday. Well, actually, we moved my partner into our new flat, my stuff moves this weekend.

One of the things that absolutely fascinated me was how much the two movers we got in could carry. They weren’t big guys by any stretch of the imagination. They were regular guys, but obviously a bit fitter than I.

One of them sat down on the floor, tipped the refrigerator/freezer over onto his back and stood up. He then proceeded to carry that down the 40 or so stairs to the truck. Another got a long strap, much like an old seatbelt, and tied together 6 boxes of bits we had packed in the previous days. He strapped these to his back then picked up another 6 in his arms and trotted off down the stairs. I was struggling down behind them with a stuffed toy in my hands. And these guys were really careful with the gear too - ensuring everything was securely packed, and putting blankets and cushions around things if they were carrying multiple of them.

A two bedroom house was packed into a truck 40 stairs away in just over an hour and a half. It was unpacked at the new house in three quarters of an hour. This was the first of 4 shifts they were doing for the day before an early finish to go to a wedding. Normally they would do 5 to 6 house loads. It cost a total of $200 and we were out of one house and moved into the other in two and a half hours!

To the silent heroes of any nation - the furniture removers. I salute your hard work and mammoth efforts. May you never break a vase, and may every piano be as light as a feather.

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