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Character created by Noel Edmunds on BBC TV's Crinkley Bottom. This consisted of a man in a light pink with dark pink spotted costume. The shape way an amorphous fat pear shape, designed so he could bump into things whilst saying 'Blobby,Blobby,Blobby' incessantly through a disorted voice. This was his only phrase and joke.

Much hyping by Noel Edmunds and the tabloid media made the creation a star with merchandising in the early 90's. There was even a theme park. The hype soon died as did Blobby and the park.

I have friends who have created some excellent Mr Blobby skins for Doom. So that you can chase him around the underworld, blasting him to pieces.

Mr Blobby is not in fact dead, but a regular inhabitant of Saturday morning kids TV on BBC1. The target audience is much more appropriate than Noel's House Party was.

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